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Moving/transfering a domain registration to eHosting
Posted by Chris Atherton on 24 July 2012 11:37 AM

Thank you for your interest in moving your domains to eHosting.  Please see the following link for details on which domain registrations we can accommodate:


Please find the transfer procedure below for the respective type of domains:


International domains - .com .net .org .etc

There will be a £12 + VAT fee for the transfer of this type of domain, however this will also renew the domain for a further year.
Before beginning the purchase of your plan, you will need to contact your domains current registrar and ask them to (a) unlock your domain and (b) provide you with the Authorisation Code. Once you have that, please go to and follow these steps:


  1. Click on the account tab
  2. Click on the register domain name icon
  3. Select the 'Transfer domains mode' link (below the main text box)
  4. Enter your domain name(s) you wish to transfer
  5. Please then follow the on screen prompts


Please note that an authorisation email will be sent once the process gets underway, this is sent to the administrative contact for the domain. This email must be acted upon in order for the transfer to complete.


UK domains only - .etc


There is no cost for the transfer of a domain to our systems.  The ideal method is to change your domains current IPS Tag to ours: EHOSTING. This can normally be done through your current registrars control panel, but if not, simply ask your current registrar to change this for you. This action should take no longer than a day.  When the IPS tag has been changed please contact us so that we can pull the domain into your account.  If you do not contact us the domain may not be renewed correctly on it's expiry day.


Whilst waiting for the domain to be transferred over you can create your domain hosting.  Please see the following link for details on how to setup a domain:


If you have not yet purchased a hosting subscription you can do so by going to our shop and then select the type of plan you desire.  Please contact our sales team (click the contact us link above) for assistance in choosing the most appropriate plan for your needs.


If you are simply moving the .uk domain registration over to us please contact when the IPS tag has been changed.  We can then import the domain into your account for you.