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Changing email address passwords
Posted by Chris Atherton on 18 July 2012 03:26 PM

Thank you for your enquiry.  Your mail configuration and set up area can be found within your control panel. Please login to the control panel, for details on how to do this please see the following link:


Once you have logged in please follow the steps below:


  1. Click on the domains link, domains tab or domains icon (globe icon)
  2. Click on the manage hosting/control panel link corresponding to the domain name.  Click on the domain name if there is no link
  3. Please click on the mail icon, mail accounts icon or mail tab
  4. Then click on the email address in question
  5. You are able to set the new password in the 'General' tab or by clicking on the 'Preferences' icon


Please remember to click OK to set your new password. 


On this page you will be able to create new email accounts or manage existing mail accounts.


If we can be of any further assistance please do get back in touch with us.

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