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Email settings for my mail client
Posted by Chris Atherton on 17 July 2012 02:42 PM

If you have not already setup an email account on our system please review this article first before setting up your email account on your mail client (Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Thunderbird etc):


When setting up your email account on your mail software you will require the following mail settings:


  • Incoming:  mail."your-domain-name"   (e.g., or
  • Outgoing  mail."your-domain-name"    (e.g., or
  • Username  full email address         (e.g.
  • Password  this is set when you created the address/mailbox


Please enable the "my outgoing server requires authentication" option in your mail software.


When choosing which protocol to use, please see this link which may assist in your decision:



* Secure Email - Entry level clients *

At eHosting you also have the ability to enable secure email if you are based on our Entry level subscriptions (Starter, Personal and Expert).  To enable secure email please navigate to the advanced settings area of your mail client; within Outlook this would be in 'more settings' > Advanced, then select auto from the 'set encryption connection type' drop down.  For Mac mail or the iPad/iPhone; navigate to your mail account through the settings area then select advanced > then enable the SSL toggle. 




URL       webmail."your-domain-name"     (e.g.

username  full email address

password  this is set when you created the address/mailbox


Please see the below links for more information on how to setup mail accounts on the most popular mail clients - Setting up your email account on an iPhone or iPad - Windows mail - Outlook express - Outlook - Thunderbird - Mac mail - Imap Entourage Setup - POP3 Entourage Setup

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