Upgrading or downgrading my Subscription
Posted by Chris Atherton on 17 July 2012 11:13 AM
If you wish to alter your subscription, the necessary resources are available within the eHosting control panel.  To begin please sign in to the eHosting control panel by navigating to www.ehosting.com/signin.  If you have any difficulties signing in please see this link:




Once logged in please click on the 'Account' tab; then click on the 'Subscriptions' icon; click on the subscription you wish to upgrade or downgrade; Click on the 'Change plan' link.


A page will then be displayed with the subscriptions you are eligable to upgrade or downgrade to.  Please select the appropriate plan and the billing period then click next.  Please then follow the on screen prompts.  Once the process is complete your subscription will be automatically restructured.  No content or domain configuration will be lost.


If you cannot see the plan you wish to upgrade or downgrade to in the list then please contact billing by dropping an email over to billing@ehosting.com.