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Trace Route
Posted by Chris Atherton on 26 September 2011 11:57 AM

Traceroute is a program which shows the path a packet of data takes from the machine you run it from to the detination that you select.  This is a useful tool when troubleshooting connection issues as it will show a list of all the routers that the packet passes through until its detination is reached.

To run a traceroute from within windows please follow these steps:

1) Click 'Start'
2) Click 'Programs'
3) Click 'Accessories'
4) Click 'Command Prompt'

A black window will then appear with white writing.  Please enter the word 'tracert' and then the domain name you wish to test.  For example:

Trace route example


To run a trace route on a mac please follow these steps:


  1. On your local machine, double click the hard drive icon. 
  2. Open the Applications folder. 
  3. Open the Utilities folder. 
  4. Open Network Utility. 
  5. Select the Traceroute tab. 
  6. Enter the domain name or IP address of your website you wish to trace to and then click Trace.


Once the trace route is complete please send over the details to our support team who will analyse the results for you.  To Copy the data right click within the black screen, click on 'Mark' then click and hold down the mouse button in the top left hand corner and drag over all the text.  Right click on the highlighted text to copy.  Please then paste this into an email.  If you have any difficulties please do get in touch with our support team.

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