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How to upload files
Posted by Chris Atherton on 21 September 2011 11:13 AM

To upload your webpages you will require an FTP client and the website hosting setup for your domain.  Most FTP packages are free and some web development packages come with their own inbuilt FTP software.  Please use Google to find an FTP client.  For details on how to use your FTP client please consult the documentation provided with the software.

To upload you will require the following information:


  1. FTP Host / address - This is the domain name or server IP address
  2. FTP Username - The username
  3. FTP Password - The password

*Directory* - Some FTP clients ask for a home directory this can be either '\' or '\httpdocs'


If you are not sure what your FTP username and password is but you have already have established hosting with us, please see this link for the details on how to acquire your FTP details:


Once you have the details enter them into the relevant fields within your FTP client then connect.

The FTP client will then display the following files in the root or '\' directory.


FTP example

Please upload all of your web files to the 'httpdocs' folder.  Please do not upload to the 'httpsdocs' folder unless you know you are using an SSL certificate.


To upload to the httpdocs folder using Filezilla please navigate to the files you wish to upload on the left hand part of the program.  Highlight the files you wish to move (Ctrl + Right Click), then click and hold down with the right mouse button on the highlighted files and drag the files over to the httpdoc folder on the opposite side of the screen, as shown below.



Where to move the uploaded files to



If you have any difficulties when uploading please take a copy of any error messages displayed and then contact with a description of the issue along with any of the error messages that you have received.

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