How do I cancel or terminate a subscription?
Posted by Paul Carter on 30 March 2007 09:39 AM

If you are requesting a termination in relation to a problem you are experiencing, please advise us of this as we may be able to assist you with the problem.


If you still wish to cancel any of your subscriptions please login to the eHosting control panel by navigating to  If you have any difficulties signing in please see this link:


Once logged click on the "Account" tab, then click the subscriptions icon at the foot of the account page.  After clicking this, a list will be displayed of subscriptions you currently have with eHosting. This may be made up of several if you have hosting with us and domain registrations for example. Once you are sure of the subscription you wish to terminate you should click the name of the subscription within the list.

The following screen will contain several links, one of these being labelled "Request Subscription Termination". You should click this link and following the instructions to begin the termination process.


You will then recieve an email asking for confirmation of termination.  Once you have replied back to this email your subscription will be scheduled for termination, subject to the terms laid out in our terms of service.

Please ensure that you carry out the above actions carefully as subscriptions are bound by section 4 of our Terms of Service (