How do I update my credit/debit card details?
Posted by Paul Carter on 30 March 2007 09:39 AM

So that we can process monthly renewals automatically we require up-to-date credit/debit card details.  Due to a new payment security process that all banks are now adopting, your card details can only be added through the eHosting control panel to an existing open order.


To log into the eHosting control panel please navigate to If you have any difficulties signing in please see this link:


Once logged in click the 'Account' tab at the top.  If you have a card already listed but either it is not used or not working correctly you will need to remove it.  Failure to remove the cards WILL result in billing errors and persistant email notifications each renewal date.  Click on the 'Payment methods' icon, then click on the card number, then click on the delete button.

To add your new card details please click on the 'My Account' tab. Next click the 'Balance' icon, then click on the 'Make Payment' button. A small popup window will then appear.  This will then take you through the new 3D Secure process with your bank, when complete your bank will mark your card as approved for continued use with our services.


If there is no available open order (because your subscription is not due for renewal yet) for you to apply your card to, please be aware that the order will be generated the day before renewal.  Alternatively you can raise an order early by following this knowledgebase article: