Updating Contact Details
Posted by Paul Carter on 30 March 2007 09:39 AM

For security reasons any changes to your contact details will need to be made by yourself.  To update your information please login to the eHosting control panel (www.ehosting.com/signin) and then click on the Account tab.  


Once there please use the table below to aid in navigating to the required sections:


  • Account Contacts - Change the names, email addresses and phone numbers for Administrative, Billing and Technical contacts here.
  • Account Settings - Change your billing address and Company/Account name here.
  • Personal Profile - Change the login email address and password here.


Please be aware that we are only able to provide technical assistance and billing information to the named account contacts.  As per our terms of service it would still be your responsibility to provide technical support to your own clients.  Due to security procedures and policies eHosting can not provide direct technical support to your clients on your behalf.  


If we can be of any further assistance please do get back to us.