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Adding an SSL certificate
Posted by Chris Atherton on 03 August 2015 10:34 AM

Before you begin there are certain pre-requisits that you must have in order to install an SSL certificate on your site: 

  • Must be on an Expert plan, Virtual or dedicated subscription
  • Must have an exclusive IP address (these are charged extra depending on the plan you are on.

Once you have met those two requirements you will be able to purchase and install an SSL certificate.


If you would like to purchase an SSL certificate from eHosting please email where we will be able to confirm the current pricing.  Alternatively if you navigate to you can purchase an SSL certificate direct from our store.  If you purchase an SSL certificate from eHosting we will install your SSL certificate for you.  If you opt to purchase an SSL certificate from elsewhere please ensure it is configured for the PLESK control panel.


To install your certificate please follow these steps:

  1. login to the eHosting control panel ( or your VPS/Dedicated hosting panel
  2. Select your hosting subscription from the subscriptions drop down tab (grey box, top right hand corner). Proceed to step 3 if you have a VPS or Dedicated subscription.
  3. Click on the domains tab
  4. Click on the domain name 
  5. Click on the show more link (small link at the bottom of the blue 'domains' box.  It also has a small 
  6. Click on the 'Secure your sites' icon
  7. Click on the 'add SSL certificate'
  8. Fill in the required information.  Please ensure the domain name matches the name you choose on your certificate ( as an example)
  9. Enter in the Private Key, Certificate and CA Certificate.  Ensure there are no spaces before or after the certificate text.
  10. Click 'Send text' or 'Send files' depending on whether you uploaded each certificate as a file or copied the certificate text directly.
  11. Please click the 'Up level icon' (green icon, top right corner) to return to the websites and domains tab
  12. Click on 'Hosting Settings'
  13. Tick the tickbox 'SSL Support' and select the SSL certificate you require (<-  If already enabled please untick the box, click ok, then proceed from step 12)
  14. Click the OK button.

If you are renewing your SSL certificate please disable the certificate (as per note in step 13), then re-enable the certificate.  This is so that the certificate is reloaded once more into the web service.


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