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I have been suspended due to spamming
Posted by Chris Atherton on 08 January 2014 11:18 AM

If you are viewing this page the chances are that your domain or email accounts have been suspended due to spamming.  Most of our clients are based upon shared servers, this sharing extends to the IP addresses of the server and the mail queues.  When spamming occurs the IP address is blacklisted, this then affects all clients who share that IP address.  To prevent blacklisting or further disruption from the flooded mail queues we have to suspend those email accounts or domains responsible for the spamming.


There are various ways a spammer can compromise your email accounts.  The most popular two ways are to send emails via a weak mail form on your website (email injection) or by guessing or gaining your email address password.  If you have had a virus on your PC or it is currently infected there is a chance that your password has been gained this way.


For more details on what email injection is please see this article:


We will do our best to try to identify the method by which the spammers have sent mail out however in order for us to re-enable your service we need you to provide the following information:


  1. Provide evidence that all mail forms on your website have a robust anti-spam mechanism such as captcha or that you have removed the form
  2. Perform an antivirus and malware scan on all machines used to connect to any of the email accounts
  3. Change all passwords on all email accounts on the affected domain and provide us with a list of the email accounts you have done this on.


Please stick to these guidelines when setting a new password


  • Use a different password on each email account
  • Use upper, lower and numerical characters in the passwords
  • Use more than 6 characters in the passwords


Once we have verified and are assured that you have met the three criteria listed above we will unsuspend your domain or account. 


If spamming occurs again we will suspend your email service permanently, until such time that we can be assured that further steps have been taken.

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