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Moving website content to eHosting
Posted by Chris Atherton on 08 November 2013 10:08 AM

In order to move domains from one system to another there are four steps that you must go through:


  1. Backup the domain
  2. Create the domain on the new hosting plan
  3. Restore the domain and it's contents
  4. Notify the management server (nameserver) where the domain is now being hosted


 Backup the domain

Please ensure that you take a backup of your website content and database content.  If the database exceeds 2000 MB in size you may need to take backups of tables, rather than of the full database in an effort to reduce the size of the backup files which can be uploaded.  


 Create the domain on the new hosting plan

Please follow the Virtual subscription instructions in the following knowledgebase article:


 Restore the domain and it's contents

To restore the domain you would need to upload your website content via FTP.  Please see these steps on how to do this:

To restore your database please see the following articles.  First create the database using the same name and user as on the source server:

Then restore using the steps outlined here:

Once restored please use the site preview utility to check that your site is working correctly.  Details on this can be found here:


 Notify the management server (nameserver) where the domain is now being hosted

You would need to now change the DNS for your domain to point to the IP address of your domain.  This address is the string of numbers that is listed in the control panel for your domain (domain name > websites and domains tab > String of numbers under the webhosting access icon).  If your domain is using eHosting's nameservers please follow these steps to notify the management server where the domain is now being hosted.  If you do not use our nameservers for your domain please contact the provider responsible for this part of your service:


  1. Login to the eHosting control panel ( and click on the subscriptions drop down box (grey box, top right)
  2. Click on the 'All my domains' option
  3. Click on the 'All My domains' tab
  4. Click on the domain name
  5. Under the General information tab click on the edit button
  6. Select the hosting plan the domain is now based upon from the drop down box on the page.  Then click 'OK'.  


Please then click on the 'DNS zone' tab and check that the DNS is now pointing to the new hosting plan.  We would now advise that you suspend the old domain hosting to stop any email deliveries or database changes being made to the wrong subscription.  To do this click on the 'Select another system (Subscription)' link, click on the old hosting subscription, click on the domains icon, click on the domain name then click on the 'Suspend' link.

If you have any difficulties or queries during the process please do get in touch with our support team who will be happy to help explain any of the steps in more detail.

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