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Adding your email address to your iPhone or iPad
Posted by Chris Atherton on 29 January 2013 11:57 AM

To add an email address to your iPhone or iPad please follow the steps below.  Some of the steps may not match exactly with what you see, however the general principle would remain the same.


1) Within you iPhone click on the settings icon
2) Select Mail, contacts, calendars
3) Select add account
4) Select Other
5) Select Add mail account
6) Enter in the account details. Please see the following knowledgebase article for more information:

7) Click next 
8) Select IMAP
9) In the incoming server field please enter the incoming server as is described in the 'Email settings for my mail client' link above
10) Enter in the username (please remember to use the full email address) and password where required.
11) In the out going server field, enter the same information as you did in the incoming field
12) When finished tap save
13) You are almost done however there are a few more steps to take. Tap on the email account you just created
14) Scoll down and click on the outgoing mail server SMTP
15) tap primary server
16) on the authentication select 'password'
17) For 'Use SSL' select off
18) Then click Done in the top right hand corner


This will enable you to setup an email on your iPhone or iPad as an IMAP account.

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